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Education and Public Knowledge: Open Access, Open Content

The aim of the panel will be to explore the issues, interrelations between, challenges and potential of open source and open access content implementation and use worldwide by exploring exemplary projects in education. Specifically we would like to explore the relationship between educational content, processes and open technologies.

This workshop will address the following questions: What is/should the relationship be between open access content and open source? How does/will the creation of a public knowledge commons influence education and society at large? What role does/should open source and open access play? How are they interrelated? What difference will/does the developing "public knowledge commons" make to organizations and individuals? How can we facilitate the growth of open access materials? Can open source and open access content have a significant impact on the "digital divide"?

Confirmed speakers for this panel are:

Guylaine Beaudry is director of the Information Processing Division of the IT services of the Université de Montréal. She is General Director of Erudit, a production and dissemination platform for journals, theses, preprints and books, granted by the Québec government. She is also coordinator of Synergies, a project involving 16 Canadian universities for the creation of a research infrastructure for humanities and social sciences.

Jesse Hirsh is an activist and analyst of open media based in Toronto. Founder of the Media Collective, TAO, and director of Openflows.org, a professional services firm specialising in free software for open source intelligence. Educated at the McLuhan Program at the University of Toronto, he has been speaking and publishing in Europe, North & South America on the political economy of culture and technology.

Derek Keats is a Professor of Botany and Executive Director of Information and Communication Services at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa. His most recent work is in the area of using technology to improve teaching and learning (including developing open learning and content management systems suitable for the developing world), to enable higher education in the developing world to respond to the challenges of globalization (including international and e-collaboration), and to promote sustainable development while maintaining the quality of the environment.

Neeru Paharia is Assistant Director of Creative Commons. Neeru received a Master of Science in Public Policy and Management with a concentration in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University in 2000. Prior to graduate school, Neeru spent a year in the Coro Fellowship Program, a leadership program in public affairs. Neeru comes to Creative Commons from McKinsey and Company, where she worked as an Associate Consultant. Neeru is also a filmmaker, illustrator, and blues guitar player.

MacKenzie Smith is the Associate Director for Technology at MIT Libraries and assumes overall responsibility for DSpace development. Formerly, MacKenzie was the Digital Library Program Manager at Harvard.

Jutta Treviranus is Director at the Resource Centre for Academic Technology (RCAT), University of Toronto Libraries. She has an active interest in adaptive technology, learning repositories, open source and the "digital divide." Of specific note is RCAT's project on an inclusive learning object repository, TILE.