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Archived Multimedia Proceedings

Editor's note on the proceedings.

Comments on multimedia proceedings and any questions can be sent directly to KMDI at epresence@kmdi.utoronto.ca

Open Source and Free Software: Concepts, Controversies and Solutions

In May 2004, the Knowledge Media Design Institute webcast their conference Open Source and Free Software: Concepts, Controversies, and Solutions. It was webcast using the KMDI ePresence system, soon to be released open source. KMDI is proud to present free access to the archived multimedia proceedings, an edited, archived version of this three day conference. Health and Medicine session is coming at the end of the summer.

Viewing the archives with ePresence, you can:

  • Watch synchronized video and slide presentations shown just as they happened at the conference.
  • Watch presentations from start to finish, or navigate through them with a table of contents and a timeline.
  • Search the presentations for keywords that appeared in slides.
  • Join threaded discussions in a conference Forum.

To get the most out of ePresence, please ensure the following are installed and selected:

  • Liveconnect-enabled web browser (IE5.5+, Netscape 6+, Opera 6+, Mozilla 1.2+, Konqueror 3.1+, Safari 1.2+, etc),
  • JavaScript (please enable in your preferences),
  • and, Java (get Java for your operating system here),

You will also need a streaming media player for your browser:

  • Windows Media 9, (get it here)
  • QuickTime 6+ (get it here),
  • or, Real player 8+ (get it here.)

We recommend the following combinations of software:

  • For Windows: Internet Explorer 6 + Windows Media Player 9
  • For Mac OS prior 10.3: Mozilla 1.2 + Real Player 9 OR Internet Explorer 5.2 + QuickTime Player 6.5
  • For Mac OS 10.3: Safari 1.2 + Real Player 9
  • For Linux: Mozilla 1.4 or above + Helix "Milestone MS 2.1" Player