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On May 9th to 11th 2004 the Knowledge Media Design Institute, University of Toronto, hosted a conference, Open Source and Free Software: Concepts, Controversies and Solutions. This event featured some of the world's foremost thinkers in high techn ology, intellectual property and knowledge creation, discussing the legal, moral, political, social, commercial, and technical issues of open source and free software. This website and the multimedia proceedings are the result of that event.

Open Source Conference live webcast and multimedia proceedings are a Knowledge Media Design Institute production and were produced using the ePresence Interactive Webcasting System.

Conference Planning Committee
Rajen Akalu
Ron Baecker
Simon Bates
Robin Carriere
Ron Deibert
Rea Devakos
Steve Easterbrook
Bernie Hogan
Jonathan Hoss
Liss Jeffrey
Michelle Levesque
Russell McOrmond
Gale Moore
Jason Nolan
Richard Owens
Jocelyn Piercey
Kelly Rankin
David Rosen
David Ryan
Russ Schick
Michael Truscello
Dwight Wainman
Daniel Wigdor
Greg Wilson

Executive Producers
Ron Baecker
Gale Moore

Produced by
Kelly Rankin

ePresence Webcast Operator
Peter Wolf
Technical Director
Ben Mazzotta

First Camera Operator
Luke Dellecese

Second Camera Operators
Igor Bilykh
Leigh Honeywell
Michelle Poirier
Sunir Shah
Leo Trottier
Webcast Multimedia Proceedings
edited by:
Bernie Hogan
Daniel Wigdor
MJ Suhonos
Meira Josephy

Remote Audience Moderators
Bernie Hogan
Daniel Wigdor